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This website has been created to share ideas about issues pertinent to housing: property rights, rent control, how to create more housing.

We believe that while everyone agrees that more housing is needed, particularly in certain parts of the country like Coastal California and much of the West Coast, the way we are going about trying to create that housing or regulate housing, is often completely at odds with our desired outcome. 

One of the primary problems in the quest to create more housing, including more affordable housing, has been the move to expand rent control. The expansion of rent control is a very misguided move, and we will point to many of the problems created by this issue. 

Instead of expanding rent control, which punishes property owners and is particularly difficult and onerous for the smallest of property owners, cities would do best to incentivize property owners to build more housing. Rent control does the opposite — it is a disincentive to build housing or even to offer existing housing. It leads to removal of housing units from the market. What could lead to the addition of housing units to the market, would be de-control and a relaxation of many regulations, including zoning regulations. 

We will share news and ideas about these topics in various articles on this site.

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